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      We love working with amazing shops that sell fun goods. We work direct with businesses or through Faire Wholesale.


      Want to work direct?

      Send an email to with the quantities and items you're interested in purchasing.


      Want to work through Faire?

       Wholesale Quick Facts:

      $200 min opening order

      $50 min reorder

      Min of 4 per design (magnets a min of 10)

      15 to 30 day turnaround (but will ship as quickly as I can)

      Between September to January orders could take 25-40 days

      Ignore the “Sold Out Signs” – I make all wholesale to order

      While I make all wholesale to order, I do keep a small inventory of my most popular designs (Philly collection).




      Order Payments:

      While working direct, we will send a Quickbooks invoice for your order, which can be paid directly through with a credit card. If you would like to pay by check, please let us know prior to the order shipping.


      Payments Penalties:

      While working direct, orders need to be paid prior to shipping. Due dates are listed on the invoices. Late payments of 30+ days (of the invoice due date) are subject to a penalty of 10% of the total order value.



      Orders are typically shipped USPS or UPS, with tracking.


      Shipping Costs:

      While working direct, shops are responsible for the cost of shipping and will have shipping costs on their invoice. Orders ship from the South Jersey area.


      Fulfillment errors:

      Must be reported within 7 days of receipt.


      Damages & Returns:

      If there are any damages to products please contact us 7 days within receiving the package with a photograph of the damaged products. If you need to return items, items must be in original condition, unused, in it’s original packaging within 7 days of receiving the product. We do not accept returns of seasonal products.



      While we are always conscience of individual shops territories and try not to flood certain areas with our products, we cannot guarantee exclusivity. Sometimes it’s an honest mistake and zip code exclusivity is not caught prior to shipping. If you wish to have exclusivity please send us an email at , and we can chat!


      Have multiple stores/locations:

      If you have multiple shops, we may limit our products to a certain store’s location based on being sensitive to other wholesale shops in the area. We reserve the right to cancel orders based on your store bringing our items to other locations without our knowledge.


      Online only shops:

      We try to limit the number of online shops we sell to.



      We do not sell to consignment only shops.



      In regards to greeting card envelopes, if you need to substitute a colored envelope please let us know prior to creating the invoice. We also may substitute an envelope color if we are out of stock of a certain color (but it will be close to the photographed envelope).


      Cancelling a wholesale order:

      We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.


      Thank you for supporting my small business and my watercolor dreams!

      -Emily, Artist and Owner of Meadowbrook Lane